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How to Pick the Best Type of Lingerie for Your Body

How to Pick the Best Type of Lingerie for Your Body

Whether you're browsing in-person or online, purchasing lingerie can be daunting. This primer is here to help you make sense of what each category means and which gorgeous body parts each piece will highlight.


A teddy is usually defined as an "all in one" undergarment that covers both the breasts and crotch. You might already own a type of teddy - bodysuits meant for daytime wear are the same form with a different function.

Why You'll Love It: Teddies are all about the legs! Many modern teddies are cut high on the hip to make your legs look mile-high. Because teddies snap at the crotch, you can keep them on during intimate activities if you prefer more coverage.

Baby Doll

Baby doll lingerie sets are all about ease and elegance. Also called a negligee, a baby doll typically has cups to cover the breasts and a lacy, sheer skirt attached. This body-skimming skirt typically extends to belly button but can go as far down as mid-thigh. A baby doll set usually comes with a matching thong.

Why You'll Love It: Baby dolls are one of the oldest forms of lingerie and have endured because they are distinctly feminine while being easy to wear. The empire waist gives every woman dramatic curves, and the flowing skirt provides comfort and coverage.

Beautiful Woman in a Very Sexy Bustier and Panties.


Inspired by medieval shapewear, today's corsets are a sexy addition to any modern wardrobe. Corsets are strapless pieces that fit tightly around the body. They have bra cups and typically extend from the chest to the hips, using boning and lacing to stay in place, and help create a smooth hourglass figure. Some corsets forego the lacing and use hook-and-eye closures or snaps for easier removal.

Why You'll Love It: Corsets create incredible cleavage for all breast sizes, so they're perfect for showcasing your upper half. They also create or strengthen an hourglass shape, making them ideal for ladies who want to show off their curves.You can even enlist a partner to help unlace it for some steamy foreplay.


Want the romantic silhouette of a corset without the restrictive fit? Try a bustier! Bustiers typically have molded bra cups to support the breasts and a solid piece below that covers a portion of the torso but stops before the waist. The lower portion is usually accented by details like lace, patterned embroidery, or contrasting fabric insets. Bustiers are often packaged as a set with a thong and garter belts.

Why You'll Love It: Bustiers create the same lift and cleavage as a corset while baring almost as much skin as a traditional bra and panty set, making them perfect for ladies who want to show off their midsections. The common addition of a garter belt makes a bustier set feel extra special and draws attention to the thighs and behind. The coordinating pieces also make bustiers a great choice for boudoir photography.

From sweet and romantic to sultry and sexy, there's a type of lingerie for every style. Finding the perfect fit for your mood and style can be fun and easy once you know what to look for!


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